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This book presents a compact summary in simple words of the radiation fields. It was read by seven doctors and two physicists for control purposes and has been supplemented by scientific formulations from Prof. Dr. Andreas Varga (ret. from Heidelberg University) .

The author makes it clear to the reader that the skepticism regarding the topic " earth radiation" has nothing to do with "beliefs" but with lack of information. With fascinating simplicity she describes the different types of radiation from various earth radiation, electro-smog and radio waves, as well as their effect on human cells. She sheds light on the many standard types of neutralization in comparison to the individual frequency-adapted neutralization with a guarantee and medical control possibilities. By means of many nature photos Luise Weidel demonstrates how earth radiation can also cause cancerous or crippled growth of trees. In addition the secret of the celtic cult places and churches is revealed: as well as the spiritual energy, there was manipulation of the earth radiation.

The book is also available in the German • Dutch • Turkish • and Chinese.