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Why you should choose our institute

Several reasons why you should choose our institute if you are interested in an examination of your sleeping area or in training as a geo-biologist.

  • We offer complete knowledge of geomantie, as well as simple measuring techniques and the most important medical background information in a spiritual context.

  • We are aware of the fact that the responsibility for making energetic changes in the client's rooms lies with us, and we work under medical control.  (These controls are available to all of our trained geo-biologists.)

  • Our radiation neutralization can be medically verified by frequency testing, and there is a money-back guarantee under medical control (if wished).

  • Worldwide unique: our Geo-Safe is individually frequency-adapted.  It works physically and its effect cannot be deleted, as is the case with artificially informed neutralization.  It is not similar to standard energizing methods.

  • For this reason the world's largest producer of medical bio-resonance equipment has included the Geo-Safe-E products in its regular program since 1999.

  • This cooperation makes it possible for you to refer your patients to approximately 10,000 holistic therapists after your completed training.

  • The above facts cause international capacities in the energy sector, as well as doctors and therapists all over the world, to request our training courses in geomantie and radiation neutralization in their individual countries.

  • As trainee you can enjoy your evening leisure time in the Saunalandschaft (just 5 minutes away) or in the cathedral town of Aachen, the city of Charlemagne and the Carolus Thermal Baths after the pleasant learning atmosphere in the Seminar House in the Woods.  Due to our location in the 3-country corner you can reach Maastricht, a typical old Dutch city on the river, or Lüttich (Liege, Belgium) with its original French flair within 40 minutes.